Friday, 15 February 2013

Valentines Origami Hearts

Good Morning all!

I promised Wednesday on Instagram that I would post a tutorial for making this card however the day job got in the way somewhat & then Blogger wasn't playing - & still isn't to be fair!! Its driving me mad!

Anyway, Here is the Origami tutorial a day late I'm afraid. It is very simple & effective & hearts can be used all year round. Once you made one you'll want make loads of them I guarantee!

The card itself is very simple. Just the heart & some felt alphabet stickers. 
 To make the heart you first need a square piece of patterned paper.
 Fold your square vertically & horizontally as shown below. Your final heart will approximately the size of one of your quart sections.

Fold the bottom up towards the centre crease

Next flip your paper over so the pattern is facing you & fold the bottom corners up to meet the centre creases.


Flip your paper over again so this is what you see.

No fold the top corners into meet the centre creases.

So this is the trickiest bit. Take the top point of your paper & pull it down to meet the bottom point without creases the white triangles at the side.

This picture shows how the paper is pulled down inside the white triangles a little better.

Flatten your crease

No you need to fold in you white triangles towards the centre.

Finally you just need to fold in the corners of rectangular ear to create the top of your heart shape.

Flip your paper over & this is what you should get! Cute eh?

As well as amking cards with them you could use them as little place savers in books or make a fun garland out of them. That's my next plan!

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day & are still feeling the love today :)
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  1. How cute! Maybe I will sit down my girls and try this with them today since they don't have school! Thanks for the tut!

    1. Thanks Rachel, I hope you & your girls had fun with it :) x

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