Monday, 25 March 2013

Easter Chick Picture Frame

I'm loving this Easter Chick image so much at the moment & I have coloured her in a couple of times but not really made her into a card. I've been wondering what to do with this particular scene & then I had an idea that she might look good in a custom made picture frame!
First of all I chose my patterned paper & measured it by wrapping it around my frame like a parcel. I don't do proper measuring! haha!

This stuff is amazing! Mod podge! Its an adhesive & sealant all in one. I used it to adhere my papers to the frame but also to seal it all once it was covered.

I did the longest edges first. The frame incidently was from the pound shop! Bargain!

The shorter edges were next & I folded the corners in again like a parcel. It was a little fiddly but once my creases were scored it was fine.

I then added some simple embellishments to decorate. I decided to keep it simple & let the image do all the talking in the end, although I feel it may need a little something more... Can't think what though. Ideas anyone?

I think she would look pretty in a little girls bedroom perhaps? She's currently cheering up one of my crafty shelves though looking out onto thick snow outside!
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