Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spring Flowers!

Well I am feeling in the mood for Spring today! :) I have been dying to make these cute flowers up since I visited the ICHF Trade Show in birmingahm recently. There was a similar version up on the Sizzix stand & they looked so sweet! Here is my take on it...

Sweet aren't they? Perfect table decorations for Easter I think.
This is how I made them. 

First I painted some Kebab skewers in green acrylic paint.

Then I cut my circles out of patterned paper. I used a circle template & my 'pokey' tool to scratch out the shape. it didn't matter if the paper ripped or the cutting wasn't great as they will be distressed up anyway!

 I filed the edges of the paper with an old nail file, layered them up & used a brad to bond them together.
I cut some leaf shapes out of contrasting paper & file the edges. By folding over the edge of my craft table I was able to file a leaf vein down the centre too.
I used a strong glue to attach the leaves to the flower stem & sticky pads to adhere the flower heads.
My bucket pots I've had for EVER & just never know what to do with them before. They're filled with some fake mini eggs that I got from Poundland! Yes Poundland! :)
I finished them with a bit of ribbon.

They are currently displayed here.. On top of my new storgae box from Create & Craft! they are amazing Kraft style cardboard storage boxes. To jazz mine up a bit I painted one side in Chalkboard paint so I can leave myself little messages every day haha!

I hope you like my Spring Flowers & they've made you feel a little bit 'Springy' :)

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