Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hobbycraft Demo Day 6th April

Evening everyone.
A really late post from me I'm afraid. I've been so busy with other crafty stuff today that I got completely waylaid :) Its amazing how time vanishes when you're immersed in your card making isn't it? I now have 2 cards to share with you at a later date. But first as promised here is a quick post about my demo day at Hobbycraft in Sheffield last week.
It was again an absolutely fantastic day with many regular visitors & supporters who am so grateful to. I was showcasing my new collection as well as my 'Limited Edition' Colouring Pads.

I'm so please people liked the Colouring Pads on the day. It was really nice for people to be able to walk away with something so I may have to extend the line for my next visit.

This was my table set up ready for my visitors. I had extra space this time so more people could come & watch & chat which was much better I thought. The staff at Hobbycraft in Sheffield are just awesome by the way! They have all made me feel so welcome & part of the team its been wonderful. Marc & Richard are the Managers of the store & they & their team have been so supportive so thank you to them all for letting me camp out all day colouring :)
Here are 2 wonderful followers of my blog & FB page Zoe & Theresa who stopped by for some colouring tips & even had a go themselves! (I'm the one in the middle :))They weren't expecting the photo opp but were great sports about showing off their work.
This is Theresa & Zoes's finished work. Great huh? I was using lots of 'floating' heads throughout the day to demonstrate skin tones & hair which are what I get asked most about. I ended up giving all my demos away to people which is why I don't have any to show here.  I love what Theresa & Zoe did though & its great how we all learn from each other. I would never have thought of pink hair but I absolutely love this idea & will definitely try it on a project.
I was also asked a lot about blonde hair techniques so will have to incorporate that more as my 'go to' is always brunette.
So... what I didn't get chance to demo was the fur on these 'Mew-vellous Moggies'. I'll try again next time for this one & maybe a 'tut' at some point on here too. They really are loads of fun to colour & so easy to change up into any combination of cat colouring you like.

If you're in the area & have missed one of my Demo Days don't worry 'I'll be back' :) On the 12th May this time which is my first Sunday so I hope you can make it.
I'm also still planning some workshops & visits to other stores too in the future so I'll keep you posted on other dates etc.
Thank you everyone who visited me on the day. Your support means the world.


  1. oh i will be watching cant get over to sheffield fingers crossed you could visit Manchester Bolton

  2. those little kitties are adorable!
    oh, if only I lived closer. would love to come to one of your shows. there is a small matter of an ocean in the way! ha! :)


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