Saturday 11 April 2020

Create Pandemonium!

Hi guys I can’t believe Saturday is here already this week has flown by! 
I know it’s those Pandas again but can you blame me they are just the cutest. I’ve had this idea in my head for while now so it was nice to finally get it down on paper even though it looks nothing like I pictured. I’m really pleased with the final result though and I hope you like it! 
I started by cutting out the Quilted Square Nesting Dies and ink blending a sky on it with the sunny side up stencil. Then just blended some green on the floor to represent the grass. Once this was finished I used the smaller square to cut out the centre this is where we are going to lay out our scene. 
I stamped out lots of the bamboo and a few leaves and the two pandas. They are just simply coloured with warm greys to add some shading to the pandas and pink for the cheeks then a few bright greens for the bamboo. I cut them out with the matching dies and got ready to lay out my scene. 
I wanted it to look like my panda was climbing up the bamboo so stuck him down at the top and the other one off to the right munching away on his lunch I then used this to this help me find the best place for my sentiment. Which I just stamped it straight onto the card using a stamping block. Then I just placed the bamboo around them tucking some behind the bears to give the height without having to cut loads of bamboo out. 
Once this was all stuck down I needed to make the base of my card I cut out a square of card using the same die we used to make the larger of the squares. I then used this to measure out a square of fun foam this will pop out the outer frame you could use foam pads but this just makes it a bit more sturdy. I cut out the big square using my scissors then to cut the square out of the middle and to get the centre in the right place I laid the smaller die on top of the inked frame and fun foam making sure it was perfectly centred so as to not cut out the paper frame just the inner foam then run it through my die cutting machine. 
We only need the outside frame of the fun foam so I just saved the square for another project. I stuck the fun foam to the frame using read tape and then stuck this on to the base we cut out earlier. Doing it this way we can make sure the inside is stuck in the right place. I then just cut another square of card the same sizer and scored along the top about 5cms down this we will use to create the back of our card. I stuck some red tape on the very top above the score line and attached it to my card and that's it finished!

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