Saturday 3 October 2020

Home Sweet Home!



Morning all so what did you think to the new release? What's your favourites? It's another cute one right! I've been an avid reader since a kid so as soon as I saw the bear cosied up with his book I was in love. I love that that the set comes with so many accessories so you can build a home scene around him.
For my card today though I opted for a clean and simple look and choose some rich Autumn colours for the colour scheme. I wanted the new Home Sweet Home sentiment to be the focus point of the card so didn't want to add too much to detract from that. 
I began by cutting out three slimline scallop shapes out of white card and on one I cut out the home sweet home sentiment making sure to keep all of the pieces. I cut out another one out of fun foam too. I coloured in the sentiment using some rich reds and yellow just to give it a pop of bright colour. I layered the cardstock I cut out the Home Sweet Home from over the top of one of the other slimline card pieces. Taking the fun foam Home Sweet Home I stuck it into the Home Sweet Home I cut out earlier and stuck the sentiment I coloured on top, this gives it some height and a bit of added detail.
I coloured up my bear and scene using some rich autumn colours sticking to a small range of colours and cut them out and popped them onto my card. To make my custom base I took the last slimline scallop scored one and a half scallops down along the top and stuck it to the back of the front using some double sided tape. I hope you like it and I hope this gave you some inspiration for some weekend crafting. Don't forget you can get 10% off in the Time for Tea shop using code T4TNATALIE10 


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