Wednesday 27 January 2021

Time For Tea Designs Design Team Call


We are super excited to announce that we are recruiting for talented individuals to add to our current Team of Brand Ambassadors!


Not sure whether to apply? Can you say YES to these questions?


·         Do you love colouring and creating fun, beautiful, projects and sharing them with others?

·         Do you have active Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube accounts?

    • We use Facebook to interact with each other as a team on our private page. We also share our projects with the world via our main page & encourage others to share their T4TD projects on our Friends page.
    • A Blog is a must as this can be seen by everyone, where FB posts are only seen by a very small percentage of people who are already your friends. You Blog must be active and you must post regularly. This is really important to help your posts be seen.
    • Instagram is where we post all our projects and host Hops, sneak peeks and Giveaways. These posts are also seen by more people and people who are not just your followers. This is a great way to spread the word of T4TD!
    • Our YouTube Channel is where we share tutorials and product reveal videos. This is a great place for education and inspiration. It can be seen by everyone even if they don’t subscribe to your channel.
    • Pinterest is a great platform where you can get lost for days. It is a platform we intend to grow over the next 12 months.
    • You don’t need all the Social Media Platforms we mentioned, but the more you have the better that will be for your application. It is mandatory to have at least Facebook, Instagram & an active Blog. For the Video Ambassador Roll you must have an active YouTube Channel.

·         Are you a genuine advocate of the Time For Tea Designs brand?

    •  We would like our team to be really excited about our products. It’s ok to use other companies’ products in your projects but the main focus should be on Time For Tea. We also expect you to encourage our customers to share their projects, share tips and advice, take part in our FB Live events where possible and generally help our brand grow through supporting each other. Interaction is so important. The role is not just about posting a picture once or twice a month. We love you to get involved in our Facebook Lives and comment on customer posts on our other Social media Channels, in particular our Facebook Friends Page.

·         Are you able to commit to the post requirements of the role you are applying for?


A few more things!

  •       International applicants are welcome to apply.
  • ·      You do not need previous Design Team experience in order to apply.
  •          You may be on other teams as long as you keep up with your Time For Tea Designs commitment.

·         We are a fast-paced business. Sometimes the notice given to turnaround a project for a TV show or New Release may be very short. This is the nature of the business. Even with the best planning things can be beyond our control. It is important that you can work quickly and commit to the amount of work involved and maintain the high quality expected.

 SO, what Roles are we recruiting for??

 YouTube Ambassador Role

·         Once per month, create an educational video tutorial for the Time For Tea Designs YouTube channel.

·         All videos must be high quality, with excellent lighting and audio.

·         Add high quality photographs of your final project to the video.

·         Videos should take the form of a tutorial and demonstrate a technique or process.

·         You can use the same video for your own channel, however to avoid issues with YouTube Rules there needs to be some distinct differences between the 2 cuts. (help will be provided if unsure)

·         Videos should no longer than 20 mins in length unless explaining a complex process.

·         Tags, links and text should be added to the YouTube text box.

·         Write an accompanying blog post for the T4TD blog.

·         Your T4TD blog post must always link products in our shop. In your own blog post you may also link to other retailers using your own affiliate links if you wish.

·         Share your project on our Facebook pages and your Instagram account. We will repost your Instagram post onto our page.

·         We encourage your personality to come through on your video while providing clear instruction and positivity through use of our products.


Brand Ambassador Role – Blog

 ·         Once per month, create an educational blog post for the Time For Tea Designs blog.

·         Blog posts should first and foremost take an educational focus.

·         Blog posts will either be feature-based or focus on a theme. If you feel you would be suited to a specific theme, such as colouring with Alcohol Markers then please do let us know.

·         Photographs must be of high quality well framed with excellent lighting and no harsh shadows. Staged photography is encouraged.

·         Posts must include at least 3 photos. Step-by-step photographs are encouraged or close-up imagery to demonstrate key elements of your educational piece.

·         Ideal designers must be articulate, enthusiastic and be able to write engaging content with authority. All posts must be grammatically correct and be written in a manner which proves to be educational to the reader.

·         Share your project on Instagram (other social media channels optional). Your project will be also shared as a post on the Time For Tea Designs Instagram account.

·         Your blog post must always link products to the Time For Tea Designs store.

·         You may share your creations on your own personal blog too.


Brand Ambassador Role – Social Media

·         Once per week, create a Time for Tea Designs project for your personal Instagram, which will be reposted on the Time For Tea Designs Instagram account.

·         You will be able to choose a day of the week you prefer to post your projects so you can work it around your other commitments, however we must have at least one post each day. This means some flexibility is required.

·         Use the same project to create a post for our Facebook Main Page, Facebook Friends Page & Blog. More than one picture is encouraged but not essential. A short paragraph about your project should accompany all your posts. On Facebook ensure to link to the products used to your pictures. On the Blog a link to the Time For Tea Designs store will be sufficient.

·         Use relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts only. These should not be excessive. Instagram only allows a maximum of 30, however 15-20 is optimal. No hashtags should be added to you Facebook post.

·         Photographs must be high-quality and well-framed with excellent lighting and no harsh shadows. Staged photography is encouraged.

·         In addition to this we will ask you to produce additional projects for New Release launches and for TV appearances. These are typically once a month and a minimum of 2 projects are required. You will be expected to take part in our Sneak Peek Reveals. You may need to post a sneak peek on a specific day which is not your regular day. You are encouraged to take part in the Lives and interact with our viewers and customers.

Challenge Coordinator

As well as the above Design Team roles, we are also looking for the ideal person to take an active role in our Time For Tea Designs Friends Page where customers and fans share their projects. A key part of this role will be coordinating a monthly challenge for our customers. This position could be held in addition to another DT role, or as a stand-alone role.

·         Create a monthly challenge for customers. (Guidance will be given to determine suitable topics if required)

·         Create a basic graphic to help advertise the challenge topic for that month.

·         Create a sample project to help showcase the challenge in action.

·         Once a month, write a blog post for the T4TD blog. This post should announce the challenge and include the challenge graphic. It should showcase your project and provide information on prizes and how to enter. It should also announce the winner of the previous month.

·         Share the challenge on the T4TD Facebook group and engage with those who enter the challenge.

·         In general, play an active role in the T4TD Facebook group. Encouraging customers, adding comments to posts, engaging in conversation. 


Guest Designer Role

Our Guest Designers are really important to us. If you are unable to commit to a full term with us but are a Time For Tea Designs advocate and would like to get involved on an ad hoc basis do let us know.

·         You would be required to create a minimum of 2 projects for your Guest month.

·         The posting standards and requirements are as for the Social Media Roles.

·         You should have a strong following across all social media channels or bring something new to the table, such as a different style or twist on something we currently do.

·         Your T4TD Rewards will be agreed at the time of appointment as these may vary based on current releases and time of year, etc.

·         You can apply now for a Guest month anytime in 2021. Please state your availability on your application.


So what’s in it for you!


·         Lots of Time For Tea Designs goodies. These will change from month to month and are very much based on the amount of work you put in! Quite simply the more you interact with our community and inspire them the more rewards you will receive. Everyone will receive as a minimum the Digi Stamps for all the images and at least one stamp and coordinating dies set and standalone die or stencil from each release. As mentioned before, we are looking for true advocates so if you’re in it for the free stuff please do not apply.

·         An exclusive (& HUGE) discount for the Time For Tea Designs online store.

·         Input into the future of the company – your ideas are so important to us and help us grow! Previous team members have seen their ideas come to life in our products and that keeps us current and our products in demand!

·         Experience of work on a Design Team and introduction to new followers as your projects are highlighted on our social media.

·         Working with a team of wonderfully talented crafters who all help and support one another.

·         The chance for your projects to be featured in magazine editorials, printed in marketing materials, displayed at exhibitions and seen in craft shows everywhere!


If you are interested in being a Time For Tea Designs Ambassador for a six - twelve month term please follow THIS LINK and apply! 


The Deadline for applications is 14th February.  Unfortunately, we will be unable to respond to all applicants but we will consider everyone.


If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact us using the ‘Contact us’ section of our website, and we will update this post with a list of FAQs.

Good luck!


Jo and Ant xx


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