Saturday 24 July 2021

You are Elephantastic Take 2!


 Happy Saturday everyone, have you been enjoying the sunshine this week? It’s been far too hot for the craft room and my mojo seems to have disappeared at the worst time. I needed to make some quick teacher cards and presents though, but what to do when your brain is hot and bothered and the ideas aren’t coming?! 

Everyone seemed to love my elephant card from the other week so I decided to make a couple more of those. I then mixed it up a little for the other teacher adding a little green to the mix and a different elephant. It adds a more masculine feel but I still like that it has a cuteness to it. Mixing up old designs is a great way to get the ideas flowing and to make quick cards.

For my card you can find all the details for on my previous blog post here just with the change of green oxides and a different elephant. Alongside that though I wanted to make some message sticks to add to my presents. I got three little succulents from IKEA and I wanted to add a little message to them. To do this I used the You are Awesome sentiment die

I cut the outline out twice once in white card-stock and again in white fun foam and layered them on top of each other. Then for the You are awesome sentiment I coloured up the white cardstock with some Kitsch Flamingo Distress Oxide ink and then cut it out. With it being small it's much easier doing it this way around. To make sure my letters were all lined up when adding it onto the foam and card base I used the negative die cut as a template. Laying it over the top and piecing the letters back in that way. Its a bit fiddly but its the best way I've found to get them centred, straight and the same width between the letters. I made three of these one for each plant once the top was all finished I got out my wooden skewers and chopped them down to size I went so they were just a little taller than the plant. To stick them together I used my glue and stuck it at the back if you wanted you could also add a little peg and add a little note underneath but I didn't think about that until after typically lol!

So that's my project finished up for this week I hope you like it those message sticks are perfect for all occasions I've made Christmas ones before, you could also do Happy Birthday ones wherever your imagination takes you. If you want to get ay of the products I used today in the shop or anything else you can get 10% off your order using code T4TNATALIE10. Have a great weekend and I will see you all next week.

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